Celebrating Volunteerism at Sunset Communities

Mar 23, 2023 | Events, Legacy Foundation, Life At Sunset

Volunteers are at the heart of Sunset Senior Communities. We’ve formalized some opportunities, like supporting SAIDO Learning or delivering meals through Meals at Home. But did you know that members of the Sunset community use their God-given gifts to give back in other ways? Some ways you might not even notice, but these people make an incredible difference in the lives of our residents and staff.

elderly woman playing piano

Meet Bertha, Sunset Resident and Volunteer Pianist

If you have ever strolled through our main campus in the morning, there’s a good chance you’ve been serenaded by Bertha Hofstra playing sweet hymns on the piano. A Sunset resident, Bertha can often be found playing tune after tune, 100 percent from memory. Bertha also shares her musical gifts by playing piano during morning hymn sings.

Meet Jim, Sunset Resident and Volunteer Tech Support 

Trouble with your television? Not if Jim has anything to say about it! Jim has been a resident of Sunset Senior Communities for the past four years. He has a natural knack for understanding how computers and televisions work and loves diagnosing and solving tricky technology problems. When other residents have trouble with their electronics, Jim helps them solve the problem with a smile on his face. It’s a wonderful gift that Jim shares with many people on a regular basis.

Meet Natalie, Sunset Resident and Volunteer Librarian

Natalie Jefferson is another person who gives back to the Sunset community. A resident of Manor & Villages for 17 years, Natalie loves to help out with the library. She makes sure the books are returned to the library and reshelved properly. When we receive book donations, Natalie makes sure they’re properly cataloged. Natalie is one of many volunteers who faithfully ensure that the residents have the best reading materials available in the Sunset library.

Emmanuel Hospice’s service area includes all of Kent and Ottawa Counties as well as parts of six other counties in West Michigan. All of Sunset’s communities are included in Emmanuel’s service area.

We Invite You to Share Your Gift at Sunset

If you have a gift to offer, we invite you to volunteer at Sunset. You don’t need to be an accomplished musician or tech whiz to bless our community! For example, Randy Grey stops in twice a month to lead a men’s Bible study group. If you have a unique passion or skill, there’s a place for you at Sunset—the sky really is the limit.

Celebrate Our Sunset Community Volunteers

We are so excited to recognize Bertha, Jim, Natalie, Randy, and the hundreds of other volunteers at our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Thursday April 20, 2023. If you’re interested in financially supporting this incredible event or would like to attend, please reach out to the Foundation office at 616.214.1125 or email sunsetdevelopment@sunsetmanor.org.