What to Look For in Senior Living

Jul 19, 2022 | Senior Living

No two senior living options are the same and trying to find the right fit can feel a bit overwhelming. If you are researching options for yourself or a loved one, you likely have a few questions. We examined some of the biggest red flags to watch for to help you search for the perfect home.

Activities and Amenities

Generally speaking, most senior living communities will include activities of some kind. Activities are an excellent way to bring community residents together, allowing neighbors the opportunity to socialize while possibly even discovering a new favorite hobby! When planning for senior living, you should take a good look at the types of activities offered and how often they’re available. Does your potential community offer any book clubs, arts & crafts sessions, or educational classes? What about concerts, worship services, or group outings? Does a dedicated staff member or group organize a monthly calendar of events for residents to participate in?

Likewise, be sure to evaluate the types of amenities offered and whether they reflect your interests. Will you have computer and internet access to stay in touch with close friends? Are there onsite dining options for those days you want to go out for a meal? How are the residents’ spiritual needs being met?

Our Life Enrichment Team at Sunset Senior Communities carefully plans a full schedule of activities for residents to choose from, thoughtfully taking hobbies and interests into account as they plan socials and outings for the year. Residents may participate in as many activities as they want, ensuring an abundance of opportunities for fun and camaraderie. We also offer a wide range of amenities, furthering the health, happiness, and spiritual wellbeing of each Sunset resident as they enjoy life at their own pace.

Long-Term Planning

An essential consideration for senior living is how your healthcare needs may change over time. You may begin retirement being perfectly comfortable in independent living, but future changes in health may necessitate a shift. When researching senior living communities, it is important to ask about these accommodations in order to plan ahead. How do they handle when a resident may need to transition to assisted living? Will it require another physical move? What kind of care can you expect?

Our approach is to provide a continuum of care with customized Life Plans that evolve with our residents and reflect their individual physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Each Sunset Life Plan involves an ongoing assessment, enabling us to stay actively engaged with our residents and adapt to their changing needs and circumstances. Some may start off in Independent Living and need to make the change to Assisted Living years down the road. Our Life Plans make this transition smooth, with less disruption to residents as they adjust to their new situation.

A Satisfying Tour

Gathering information online is beneficial, but perhaps one of the most informative sources is a physical tour. Look around and ask yourself: Do the residents look happy? Do they look well-attended? An in-person visit provides you with the chance to see more than website stock photos will allow, and oftentimes you can ask residents directly about their experiences. Pay attention to the body language and tone of the people you speak with—it should be fairly evident how they really feel about the place.

Touring the campus also gives you the opportunity to see the grounds first-hand. When you look at the surrounding area, what do you see? A beautiful environment is more than just aesthetics: it demonstrates a concern with detail indicative of an attentive and supportive community. Are the residential units well-maintained? If so, it suggests that home and property maintenance may be included in residential fees.

Speaking of fees, does it seem like your admissions counselor is being upfront about costs? While many websites may not list out the costs of being a resident, the admissions team should not hide the information from you. Admissions counselors should be forthright about the expected financial commitment and what it covers, from meal plans to home maintenance. At Sunset, we walk potential residents through the financial planning process of moving into independent living or assisted living so you can avoid any surprises.

Sunset Is Here To Help

We know that when it comes to planning for senior living, there are several factors to consider, and each senior has their own image of the perfect home. If you or a loved one are curious to see if Sunset is the right fit, we encourage you to call our main office at 616.457.2770 or send us a message online if you have any questions.