Resources for Caregivers

May 11, 2022 | Caregivers & Families, Senior Living

While there is an abundance of information available on the internet, it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for, especially if you are not sure where to begin. For those who have found themselves in the role of caregiver or who anticipate taking on this role in the near future, relevant and accurate information is of the utmost importance. To help you get started, we have gathered a list of caregiving resources that we think you will find especially beneficial.

Your First Stop

One of the first places we recommend is the CDC’s page on Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Aging. This site offers a wealth of knowledge on the subject, providing up-to-date information and recommendations related to public health concerns. They also devote an entire section to caregiving resources, including national organizations, select publications, and toolkits, all designed to help you help your loved one.

One item in particular to note is a Home Fall Prevention Checklist for Older Adults. This brochure discusses the various potential fall hazards found in each room of the home, providing suggestions for creating a safer living environment.

Keeping It Local

Community has long been a cherished concept, but it has become even more apparent over the past couple of years. People are rediscovering the intrinsic value of in-person connections, of having someone local that you can turn to with questions about various needs. This is even more evident when your questions are related to health concerns and assistance.

For those in the nearby area, Four Pointes Center for Successful Aging is a wonderfully beneficial resource. Per their website, their mission is “To promote the vitality, independence and well-being of older adults in the North Ottawa County community by providing needed services and information, encouraging recreation and lifelong learning and advocating for solutions to issues of aging.” They are a proactive organization working on behalf of seniors in the area, and they should be utilized if your loved one is blessed enough to live in one of the surrounding communities.

If Alzheimer’s or dementia is a concern, the Alzheimer’s Association Michigan Chapter has a wide array of programs and services listed on their website. This includes a 24/7 helpline, support groups, and educational programs, all offered free of charge to Michiganders.

Self-Care Is Essential

As you spend time researching options for your loved ones, you may find yourself neglecting a key part of the equation: yourself. Often, caregivers are so focused on assisting others in their lives that they forget how essential their own self-care can be. This article looks at Jacquelyn Revere’s experience as a 29-year-old caring for two generations of her family, as both her mother and her grandmother were experiencing forms of memory loss at the time. Her first-hand account provides valuable insight into the caregiving journey, detailing some of the unfortunate stresses that can accompany this selfless act.

While it is admirable to step into a caregiving role, it is also important to understand how it may affect you as the helper. This resource from Family Caregiver Alliance looks at the vital role of self-care and how it can make you a better caregiver, discussing the effects of caregiving on physical and mental health as well as providing the necessary tools for you to address and take care of your own needs.

Assistance Where You Need It

One important aspect of self-care is knowing when to ask for help. Sunset offers several options to assist you if you find yourself providing support to a loved one. Our At-Home Care offers individuals the ability to receive specialized care without ever leaving their homes. This ranges from private duty care, a non-medical option to assist homebound individuals with daily living tasks, to Certified Home Care. We even offer Meals at Home, a service where meals prepared in Sunset’s own kitchens are delivered by local volunteers!

Sunset Is Here For You

In addition to the extensive number of national and local resources listed here, you can always reach out to us with any questions you have. Our experienced team is here to help you and your loved one as you embark on your caregiving journey.