Memory Care & SAIDO Learning

Delivering hope for those affected by dementia and memory loss.

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Hope for Dementia & Memory Loss

At Sunset Senior Communities, we are dedicated to providing hope for people living with memory-affecting diseases. With revolutionary programs, like SAIDO Learning, and customized patient-centered care, we are honored to be a leader in the Memory Care industry. A variety of care levels are offered as some residents may require different methods of treatment. Both Memory Care and SAIDO Learning are available at Manor & Villages and Waterford Place.

Patient-Centered Memory Care

Our Memory Care services provide more than a safe and secure environment. Our programs minister to the whole mind, body, and spirit of our residents with a wide variety of activities throughout the day.

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Tailored Living Options

No matter the level of care, our experienced staff members provide care tailored to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of each resident. After an individual assessment, we create a calendar that resembles the lifestyle a resident was used to at home. This calendar will include a resident’s natural wake and sleep patterns, activities based on personal interests and hobbies, and building connections with those around them.

We strongly encourage family members to help their loved one rediscover the world around them and maximize their opportunities to stay connected with each other.

SAIDO Learning

Hope for those living with memory-affecting diseases is here with SAIDO Learning. A revolutionary, nonpharmacological program, SAIDO Learning involves mental exercises and enhanced individual engagement.

Our Waterford Place campus was the very first Memory Care community in the United States to be developed with SAIDO as its foundation and currently holds the prestigious award of being a SAIDO Learning Model Community.

SAIDO Learning is available to all residents living in Memory Care at Waterford Place and is offered a la carte to Independent Living and Assisted Living residents through our Healthy Brain Clinic. SAIDO Learning is also available a la carte to all residents at Manor & Villages.

Our SAIDO Learning Method

SAIDO Learning, originally developed in Japan, involves a caregiver (Supporter) specifically trained to work with two older adults (Learners). The Supporter leads the Learners through a series of math, reading, and writing exercises. 30-minute sessions are performed five times per week and are tailored to an individual’s level. The goal is not to teach, but to engage in repeated exercises, with individuals processing at their own pace. SAIDO Learning fosters confidence and quality of life.

The exercises are simple, yet designed to maximize engagement at an individual level. This allows SAIDO to reach a person at almost any stage of dementia. Through regular participation, individuals have shown increased energy, renewed social engagement, and the satisfaction of recognizing what they can do in their lives outside of the session. SAIDO Learning strengthens their sense of community and creates an environment for them to thrive.

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Memory Care Levels

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Early Stage Memory Care

Early Stage Memory Care provides a calm environment to nurture each resident’s needs. Residents are generally between mild-to-moderate cognitive decline. At this level of memory impairment, social interaction and mental stimulation can be the best medicine. Our focus at this stage is to engage with residents at a physical, mental, and social level.

Memory Care

Late Stage Memory Care

With Late Stage Memory Care, we focus on personable interactions and social engagements. Because most residents at this stage may see a more significant cognitive decline, calm and comforting stimulation on a personal level is the ideal environment. At this stage, we also encourage as much family involvement as possible, as familiar and personal connections give residents the comfort and engagement they need.

Memory Care Options

Manor & Villages

Located in Jenison, Michigan, Manor & Villages offers Memory Care in a close-knit and neighborly community.

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Waterford Place

Recognized as a SAIDO Learning Model Community, Waterford Place offers SAIDO Learning in both Memory Care and in the Healthy Brain Clinic.

Sunset Life Plan

Navigating the Financial Aspects of Senior Living

How do you start researching your senior living options? How do you know what you can afford? This free senior living guide from Sunset is a great resource for anyone who wants more information before starting their senior living journey.

Innovative Programs

Innovative Programs

Patient-centered treatments are designed to realize the best possible outcomes for each resident. SAIDO Learning, the Montessori Method, and other comprehensive programs along with brain-healthy diets and a focus on spiritual and physical well-being, have been shown to lessen the symptoms associated with memory-affecting diseases.

Trained and Dedicated Staff

Trained and Dedicated Staff

Certified experts guide each resident through a program specifically designed for them. Recreational Therapists and our specially trained team of dedicated staff treat residents with respect and dignity while remaining responsive and engaged with family members who are sharing in this journey.

Unique Living Environment

Unique Living Environments

Our Memory Care neighborhoods are specifically designed to be safe and secure, while still providing the optimal environment for those living with memory-affecting diseases. Our beautiful grounds and tranquil spaces are designed to nourish the spirits of both residents and their family members.

Supporting Caregivers

Supporting Caregivers

Caregivers go through a unique and challenging journey that can be hard to understand for those who have not experienced it. Our team provides support and encouragement to families who may not know what to expect when a loved one is afflicted with memory loss.

What to Expect with Memory Care Services

Informational Assessment

We believe each person who comes to live with us is a special individual, created in the image of God, with his or her own interests, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Each new resident participates in a detailed assessment at move-in, which is continually updated during their stay. This assessment is shared with our entire team to ensure consistent care for each resident.

Care Conferences

We strongly encourage family members and caregivers to ask questions. We also recommend regular structured meetings with everyone involved in a resident’s care to talk about progress being made or changes to be addressed. Our goal is to collaborate with family members and caregivers on how to best serve and care for their loved one.

Family & Friend Involvement

We believe a resident’s support system is critical to their quality of life. We encourage family and friends to attend social events, SAIDO sessions, and outings as often as possible.

Sunset Team Meetings

Our Memory Care teams are fully involved and invested in the care and goals of each resident. Staff members meet at least once a day to ensure your loved one is getting the best possible care and opportunities for therapeutic outcomes. We make it a top priority to keep everyone well informed and involved.


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