The Legacy Foundation

Support our mission of providing compassionate and personalized senior care.

Ensuring Our Legacy

Understanding and providing care at the individual level is our mission at Sunset Senior Communities. We take pride in our ability to address the specific needs of each resident with passion and higher quality of care. Doing so would not be possible without the love and support of our local West Michigan community. The generosity of our donors has allowed our organization to grow and improve our staff, facilities, and equipment. However, our work isn’t finished yet. We still need the support of our community to continue our growth and deliver a continuum of care for all of those in need.

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Our Priorities

Resident Benevolence

Resident Benevolence enables seniors who have run out of personal funds, through no fault of their own, to remain in their home at Sunset. This fund provides immeasurable relief to seniors in need by allowing them to continue living in their community with security and peace of mind.

Improving Sunset Communities

The Sunset Legacy Foundation strengthens Sunset’s long-term organizational health and directly influences future programming and service growth. The stronger the Legacy Foundation is, the more it can assist in providing for our residents.

Meals at Home

Meals at Home allows us to extend our continuum of care beyond our facilities. Through donors’ generosity, volunteers deliver nourishing meals to community members in need. Meals are prepared in our own kitchen and delivered 365 days a year.

Waterford Place Memory Care

Waterford Place and many faithful donors are building a revolutionary memory care program. It is truly a blessing to be part of this amazing program that provides hope to those affected by memory loss.

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The Legacy Society

The Legacy Foundation is made possible by a dedicated team working to ensure Sunset’s mission is sustainable and reaches those in our community who need it most. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Foundation Board

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Steven Bossenbroek


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Randy Goodyke

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Christina Matzke

Cheri Shippy

Ken VanNoord

Bill Venema