The Best Age to Move into Independent Living Is…

Aug 10, 2023 | Finance & Planning

…before you “need” more assistive care. Independent living gives you the opportunity to enjoy your retirement in a connected, beautiful community. It’s not a retirement home (which is a common misconception) but when you do find you need more assistance, the team at Sunset is ready to help. No big moves or other difficult transitions needed. This practice is known as “aging in place.”

As we’ve discussed before, there are plenty of benefits to “aging in place” at Sunset. Aging in place is the practice of adults choosing to remain in their homes or communities without losing their quality of life as they grow older. Many people choose to age in place in an independent living community, like Waterford Place or the Manor & Villages at Sunset! This gives them the freedom to enjoy their retirement in Christian community without having to worry about home maintenance.

What Is the Average Move-In Age in an Independent Living Community?

Since the “best” age to move into an independent living community depends so much on individual circumstances, the average age is a wide range. Nationally, people are choosing to move into independent living communities between 65 and 85 years old.

Signs Independent Living Might Be a Good Fit for You or Someone You Love

Are you or someone you love considering what future housing might look like? Here are three signs that an independent living community is the right place for this season of life:

1. You’re Enjoying Retirement, but Crave Connected Community

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an independent living community is just that—the community. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility you value along with on-site amenities, activities, classes, day trips, and other options in Christian community. Build deep and meaningful relationships with fellow residents and feel closer and more connected to those around you than ever.

2. You’re Tired of House and Yard Work but Don’t Necessarily Need Extra Help

Many residents choose independent living because of the freedom it offers! Independent living gives you the ability to spend your golden years doing what you love and not worrying about taking care of the house or the yard—even if you still physically have the means to do so. We take care of all of that for you, just as you took care of others for so many years.

3. Convenience and Comfort Are Becoming More of a Priority

If you’re ready to simplify your life without sacrificing your autonomy, it’s a sign you should consider independent living. Our extensive campuses have a variety of on-site amenities that simplify your life. Visit the doctor, get your hair done, even take an exercise class, all in one place.

Don and Ina Chose Independent Living at Sunset for Freedom, Flexibility, and Convenience

Don and Ina are active members of the community in West Michigan. They love to travel and be involved in their church, but didn’t want to worry about maintaining a home. Waterford Place’s attractive campus was ideal for Don and Ina, who wanted to enjoy their retirement years in a safe, beautiful location. Plus, they knew that someday they would likely need more assistance. They felt even better about choosing Sunset because when that day comes, they can easily opt-in to more care, rather than upending their entire lives in order to get the help they need.

They have advice for anyone considering joining an independent living community: “Move in before relocation becomes a need, so you can enjoy the amenities and activities the community has to offer.”

Sunset Senior Communities’ Independent Living Options

We have two campuses that offer independent living arrangements: Waterford Place and the Manor & Villages. Both communities are located in Jenison, Michigan.

If you or someone you love is considering independent living options and would like to learn more about independent living at Waterford Place or the Manor & Villages, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer tours of both Waterford Place and the Manor & Villages, and would love to help you explore all these beautiful communities have to offer. If you have any questions about independent living, aging in place, or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.