What Is Our Sunset Life Plan?

Our exclusive Sunset Life Plan: A Continuum of Care process involves far more than just the list of quality services we provide. It is a reflection of our deeply held Christian beliefs. It is a foundational approach that defines the work we do and how we do it.

The Sunset Life Plan offers:

  • Peace of Mind, where family members reflect, “I have never been at such peace knowing mom and dad are under Sunset’s banner of care and compassion;”
  • Passion for Service, where staff actively desire the same attitude of Jesus Christ, “who came not to be served, but to serve;”

Much like life, the Sunset Life Plan does not always follow a rigid course but adapts to changes. It serves as a catalyst to on-going communications and relationship building between you and our team working with you.

The three key elements our Sunset Life Plan addresses are:

  1. Understanding your basic human needs that lead to well-being: physical – social – mental – spiritual;
  2. On-going assessment of your status in these need categories; and
  3. Matching our services to meet your specific needs, year-in and year-out.

Our Sunset Life Plan Services Map

Why Is Our Sunset Life Plan Important?

The Sunset Life Plan, A Continuum of Care is our active demonstration to you that we mean what we say about serving YOUR needs; treating you with care and respect, seeing and celebrating you in God’s love to ensure quality of life throughout your senior years. It provides a proactive opportunity to stay actively engaged with the uniqueness of you and to serve you efficiently and effectively within the variety of services we offer.

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