The Sunset Legacy Foundation – A Year of Change

Feb 12, 2024 | Finance & Planning, Giving, Legacy Foundation

The year is already off to a great start in our Sunset Legacy Foundation! We have some changes on the horizon for this year that we cannot wait to share with staff, residents, and our generous donors.

Introducing Sue Hamm – Our New Legacy Foundation Executive Director

Hi everyone! My name is Sue Hamm and I want to share some exciting changes happening at Sunset Senior Communities. I have worked for Sunset for eight years as an Executive Director at Manor & Villages, Rose Garden, and most recently Christian Haven. My background is in Social Work, but I’ve mostly worked as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. It’s always been my passion to work with older adults and it has been a pleasure to be able to do that in the loving and caring environment of Sunset! 

Recently, I accepted the opportunity to take on the Executive Director role for the Sunset Legacy Foundation. Although, this role is different than any of the others I’ve had, my love for Sunset is stronger than ever. I’m looking forward to being able to share our vision and mission with others. 

Our Goals

The Sunset Legacy Foundation’s primary goal is to raise funds for benevolence. Our benevolence fund allows us to continue to take care of our residents who, through no fault of their own, have outlived their financial resources. Because all our communities practice an Aging in Place model, we do run into scenarios where residents outlive their funds. Aging in Place is our commitment to our residents to care for them through end of life, where at all possible. I have witnessed how benevolence has impacted the lives of our residents and their families firsthand, and I cannot begin to explain what a beautiful thing it is to provide this gift. Benevolence undoubtedly impacts the quality of life and wellbeing of a person in such a profound way. It is caring for our residents in the spirit of Christian love to a tee! 

If you are a part of this mission already, thank you – you are making a difference!  If you are not a current donor, I invite you to join us!  You will experience the joy of giving to such a meaningful cause.  If you have any questions about benevolence or how to give, please contact me.

Connect With Us

Our door is always open! If you find yourself at Manor & Villages, please stop in and say hi. The Foundation office is located by the General Store. I would love to share more about the importance of our mission and the story of Sunset Senior Communities!

To learn more about giving to Sunset Senior Communities, please contact the Sunset Legacy Foundation at 616.214.4545 or visit the Foundation webpage