The Sunset Legacy Foundation | More Than a Transaction

May 22, 2024 | Finance & Planning, Giving, Legacy Foundation

I’m about six months into my position as the Executive Director of the Sunset Legacy Foundation and I have to say it’s been a very eye-opening experience. Not only in learning the ins and outs of fundraising, but rather the importance of my job and the work that the foundation does to ensure that our residents who outlive their finances can continue to live and be part of the Sunset family. 

More Than a Transaction

Benevolence and donating to the benevolence fund always seemed like a transactional thing to me. I looked at benevolence as a financial transaction, whether it’s the act of giving or granting funds. Maybe others see it that way too. But over these last six months, my view on this has drastically changed.

The Sunset Difference

I have worked for Sunset since 2015 and I’ve had countless opportunities to experience the difference Sunset staff are making in the lives of our residents. I am now connecting the dots between the Sunset mission (To provide quality services to senior adults in a spirit of Christian love), the amazing care and love that is provided to all residents we serve, and benevolence. 

Each Sunset campus practices an Aging in Place philosophy. This means that, when possible, we care for our residents in the community they chose to be home through the end of their life. The generation of residents in our care now is the generation that shaped and molded who we are and instilled the Christian values that make Sunset so unique and special. It is such an honor to care for them and to comfort them by being able to supplement their financial obligations when needed. This is a perfect example of Christian love and is far from a mere transaction!   

Because of the great care and quality of life experienced by our residents, they are living longer and there are more instances where benevolence is needed. This means that my job is to showcase the beauty of life at Sunset and articulate the importance of the Benevolence Fund. When someone chooses to become a donor with us, they join us in making a huge difference in the quality of life of an older adult who has given so much to their family, friends, church, and community.  

Join Us in Providing Peace of Mind

If you haven’t donated to benevolence before, I’m asking you to consider joining me! The joy you will feel by contributing to something so meaningful is fulfilling. If you have donated, thank you!  Because of you we continue to make a huge difference and give peace of mind to our residents receiving this gift.  

Giving is very easy, and I would love to help you get started! 

To learn more about giving to Sunset Senior Communities, please contact the Sunset Legacy Foundation at 616.214.4545 or visit the Foundation webpage.