“What I Love About Rose Garden” by Abby

Jun 22, 2021 | Life At Sunset

I started working at Rose Garden in 2018 as a Resident Aide. I gained some wonderful clinical experience as a Resident Aide which helped me grow into my current role as Rose Garden’s Life Enrichment Coordinator. What I love most about my position is the opportunity to build relationships with the residents. Spending time with them is the highlight of my day and I try to incorporate their favorite hobbies into our Life Enrichment activities.

Favorite Activities

Two of my favorite activities are exercise classes that take place every weekday and any kind of musical programming like hymn sings. Both activities are very well attended and I love seeing residents’ personalities shine through.

Even residents with a dementia diagnosis are able to participate in our music programs. I’m always amazed at the connection between memory and music and I love seeing residents sing every word to the hymns they grew up with in church. Sometimes I can’t believe my job is to have fun with residents and organize activities that bring them so much joy. One of my goals is to make sure each resident feels blessed and happy at Rose Garden.

Blessed By Residents

I feel so blessed by the relationships I get to cultivate with residents. I consider myself a bit of an old soul and I love to hear them reminisce and tell stories about their past. I’m honored to be able to spend this time with them and learn about their lives.

These relationships have definitely made a lasting impact on me. Everyone at Rose Garden feels like family and a few residents have become like grandparents to me. I’ve also developed close relationships with residents’ family members. I want them to know their loved one is in good hands at Rose Garden and they are a part of our family.

Making Rose Garden Feel Like Home

One thing I love about Sunset, and about Rose Garden in particular, is that we try to cultivate a sense of home and of community. The resident-to-staff relationships really help things feel less “clinical” and more like home. The clinical side is still important, but I want every resident to feel comfortable in their environment and completely at ease—just like they would be in their own homes.

I know moving into assisted living can be difficult so I make sure to introduce myself to new residents. I want to make sure they feel welcome and offer some gentle encouragement to join in on activities. Sometimes, a resident prefers not to participate in activities and I make a point to visit with them personally.

Assisted Living at a Sunset Community

For anyone considering assisted living for their loved one, I think it’s important to remember that residents can still have their independence. Some residents even feel more independent because they are no longer relying on family members to care for them. Now families can focus on visiting and spending time with their loved ones.

Some residents come to Rose Garden from living on their own, which can be lonely. A move into assisted living completely changes that! We organize activities based on residents’ interests so there’s always something to do or someone to visit.

Moving into a senior living facility can be hard for the entire family, but I try to reassure people that their loved one will soon develop relationships, become more comfortable with their surroundings, and feel right at home. Rose Garden is a place where they’ll be welcomed as family.