“Why I Chose Sunset” by Allison Coipel

Mar 15, 2021 | Life At Sunset

Before Sunset, I had those typical “first job” experiences in high school. When I started my nursing program, I wanted to get my foot in the door somewhere that could offer lots of healthcare experience. I started working in Sunset’s Food Service Department in September of 2017. I knew from the start I wanted to transition to a more resident-focused job eventually. I became a Resident Aid, and now I’m a Med Tech at Sunset’s Manor & Villages.

More Than a Job

Working in a senior living community is more than “just a job.” Providing good care means making time to form connections with the residents. It’s not for someone who wants just a “punch in and punch out” job.

I appreciate that Sunset encourages us to spend time with the residents. I love those special moments of connection with residents throughout my day. I love getting to know each resident and learning about the life they’ve lived.

Why Sunset?

A flexible work schedule was a big part of why I chose Sunset. I have a lot going on as a full-time nursing student, and I appreciate that Sunset is willing to work around my constantly changing schedule. They’ve let me adjust my hours each semester based on how my classes change.

Sunset is also supportive of employees who want to continue their education. When I mentioned my interest in becoming a med tech, they helped give me the training and resources to make it happen. They’ve also been supportive of my nursing education at Davenport University.

Something else that makes Sunset stand out as an employer is how they incorporate faith into every aspect of what they do. It might not be a draw for everyone, but it’s been important for me to align my values with my employer’s. Sunset is a faith-based organization—something you don’t often see with healthcare jobs or even with other senior living facilities.

Shared Connections

I’m currently planning my wedding for July 2021. Since getting engaged, I’ve especially enjoyed chatting with residents about their own weddings. They’ve shared so many stories and pictures with me. It’s fun to compare this time in my life with residents who experienced the same thing years ago.

One of the best things about working for Sunset is being able to interact with the residents. They’re like grandparents to me. If I ever stopped working here, I’d make a point to come back and visit.