Sunset’s Life Plan: Benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Nov 5, 2020 | Senior Living

At Sunset Senior Communities, our mission is to provide the highest quality services for senior adults in the spirit of Christian love. An important part of how we fulfill this mission is with Sunset’s Life Plan. This plan is an ongoing assessment of each resident’s current needs and matching those needs to specific services. Adaptable and flexible, Life Plans are a common feature among continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) and ensures each resident has full access to different levels of care and the option to transition between levels as needed.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Also referred to as a “life plan community” a CCRC offers multiple levels of care within the same network. The goal of these communities is to provide residents with a full continuum of care and allow residents to “age in place” without the need to make unnecessary moves each time their needs change.

Unlike living in a condo or other retirement communities, life plan communities give residents access to a wide range of healthcare options and supportive services. Most offer independent living, assisted living, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and memory care all within the same organization. The campuses themselves often feature onsite fitness centers, health clinics, pharmacies, and other health and wellness-related amenities. With this built-in support system, residents can live confidently knowing their present and future needs will be met.

How it Works

Typically, residents pay a one-time entrance fee when moving into a continuing care community. After that, all other services (housekeeping, meals, maintenance, and other campus amenities) are included in a single monthly payment. Residents are free to take advantage of the various amenities of the campus without having to worry about keeping up with home maintenance or yard work. However, each life plan community is different. When researching options for yourself or a loved one, make sure to ask about the pricing specifics, what care options are covered/not covered, and what amenities are included in the monthly fee.

Many states have regulations in place for continuing care communities, but the degree of oversight varies from state to state. Most regulation deals directly with the financial aspects of the CCRC. Any healthcare-related regulations are typically overseen by a different licensing body within the state. You may want to do some research on whether or not your state has any specific regulations so you can evaluate the overall value and quality of services and care at the community you’re interested in.

Benefits of Living in a Continuing Care Community

All Levels of Care

Continuing care communities offer multiple levels of care within the same network. Residents may easily transition from one type of care to another as their needs change. A resident’s Life Plan should be specific and unique to them.

Avoid Multiple Moves

Living in a condo or house during retirement may mean moving multiple times as care needs change or having to move in the midst of stressful changes in health. At a continuing care community, residents avoid the need for multiple moves and are able to live in and be a part of the community they’ve come to call home.

Activities & Amenities

Most continuing care communities have a large offering of activities and amenities for residents to enjoy. With everything from book clubs and movie theaters, to onsite hair salons and fitness centers, there’s always something for residents to do or to explore.

Peace of Mind

With a built-in support system, a continuing care community gives residents and their loved ones peace of mind. With access to 24/7 care and surrounded by a vibrant and supportive community, residents can focus on enjoying their retirement.

What is Sunset’s Life Plan?

At Sunset, we create a unique Life Plan tailored to each resident. This adaptive plan allows us to not only meet residents’ physical needs but also ensures a quality of life that nurtures the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of those we serve.

Our Life Plan doesn’t follow a regimented course but is adapted based on changing needs and circumstances. Sometimes this may mean a gradual transition, like one from independent living to assisted living. Other changes may be more temporary, like the need for skilled nursing or rehabilitation after an illness or surgery.

Sunset Senior Communities is proud to offer multiple levels of care across our four communities. With options for independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, in-home care, and rehabilitation, we create a unique Life Plan for each resident that can be adapted to any stage of life. Contact us to speak with one of our Life Counselors today.