Common Misconceptions About Assisted Living

Jun 8, 2022 | Senior Living

When discussing assisted living, oftentimes the conversation turns to one of uncertainty and misconception. People tend to picture a stereotypical nursing home, a place where their freedoms are restricted and they no longer get to lead independent lives. This image couldn’t be further from the truth. We gathered together some of the most common misconceptions about assisted living to show you or your loved one that life in an assisted living community is vibrant and full of fellowship.

Is Assisted Living the Same as a Nursing Home?

As mentioned earlier, the words “nursing home” often hold a negative connotation, and we are taught to be suspicious of anything that slightly resembles the idea. However, Sunset is not a nursing home. We are a collection of senior living communities, offering a wide range of services and amenities to help you live your post-retirement life the way you want. Our assisted living communities go above and beyond the services offered in a traditional nursing home. We offer a continuum of care to nurture the evolving physical, mental, and spiritual needs of every Sunset resident.

I Still Want My Independence

A big concern for seniors is the loss of independence. You may be used to setting your own schedule, coming and going from your home as you please. Moving into an assisted living community does not necessarily mean a new set of restrictions, and in fact, it can introduce a new kind of independence. Many assisted living residents find a new kind of freedom because they are no longer relying on family for help with everyday tasks. Sunset’s trained, compassionate staff members are available to assist with meals, medication, personal care, housekeeping, and more, allowing residents to spend more quality time with their loved ones on their own schedule.

Assisted Living Is Too Expensive

Many people understandably worry about how senior living will affect finances, but assisted living is likely more affordable than you realize. Our blog post Assisted Living vs In-Home Care: What’s the Most Cost-Effective? details the costs and added benefits associated with assisted living, and why it might be the right decision for you.

Most people discover the costs of in-home care to be higher than expected due to their individual needs. In addition to the hourly rate of hiring a caregiver, there is the question of overnight or 24/7 care, which doesn’t include the additional expenses of homeownership or necessary home modifications. We recommend downloading Navigating the Financial Aspects of Senior Living, our guide to the costs of senior living and the unique benefits of a Life Plan Community.

I Will Be Bored

Sunset Communities embrace the true spirit of the word, with many residents forming close friendships with their neighbors. Residents regularly come together to enjoy the extensive variety of social opportunities scheduled by our Life Enrichment Team, including clubs, special concerts, game nights, and more. Looking for a new hobby? Try your hand at arts and crafts, or strike up a game of billiards. For those interested in a slower stride, our picturesque walking paths provide residents a blissful source of exercise and reflection as they take in the splendor of nature. Not only can you engage in your favorite activities, but you will also likely discover some new favorites along the way.

The Food Will Not Taste Good

We all have our favorite foods, and maybe even one or two items that just don’t make the cut. The idea that we might not have control over our daily meals is likely to be a cause of some frustration, but you will not find this to be an issue at Sunset. Delicious and balanced meals are prepared daily, guaranteeing there is something for everyone.

Sunset Communities Feel Like Home

As you can see, assisted living is far different than many people are led to believe. By finding the right senior community to suit your needs, you can easily enjoy your golden years in fun and comfort. If you still have questions about life at Sunset, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our staff looks forward to welcoming you home.