Care Options at Sunset Communities:

At Sunset Communities and as part of The Sunset Life Plan, we are proud to offer a Continuum of Care for West Michigan. We strive to not only focus on physicality but also on the mind and soul. We strengthen individuals’ by learning and understanding your specific needs — physically, mentally, socially, spiritually — creating a plan, and surrounding you with positivity and faith.

Assisted Living

At Sunset, we understand that everyone needs a little help once and a while. Our assisted living communities are complete with our highly-trained and caring staff, whose goal is to support your needs while helping you maintain your independence.

Assisted living residents receive help with:

  • Medications
  • Meals
  • Personal & Nursing Care

Memory Care: Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Waterford Place Memory Care in Jenison is a unique residential treatment environment utilizing cutting- edge treatments including SAIDO Learning, Montessori and Teepa Snow approaches to help uncover the person within those struggling with the effects of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Our trained personnel and the results of our patient-centric treatment plans have been proven to halt, or even reverse, the progression of symptoms associated with common memory loss related-diseases.

Memory Care Facilities provide:

  • Quality Care (for whichever level you need)
  • Deliciously Prepared Meals
  • Enriching Community Activities

Independent Living

As a resident of Sunset Independent Living, spend your day enjoying a maintenance-free lifestyle with social amenities and activities.  Every Sunset community is an environment filled with respect and faith, connecting our residents through God’s love ensuring an excellent quality of life.

Your new home will include:

  • Kitchen or kitchenette
  • Readily available meals
  • Community Activities

Skilled Nursing Care

Our nursing or long-term care residents receive around the clock assistance with personal care from fully qualified and skilled nurses and staff. Our facilities are made to be comfortable, friendly, and fun — centered around your health goals.

Skilled Nursing Communities provide:

  • Nonstop Care
  • Delicious Meals
  • Fun Recreational Activities

Sunset at Home

Sunset Communities is proud to offer care away from our communities as well. With Sunset at Home, you will receive care in your home. We offer certified home care (also known as home nursing) and private duty care (non-medical).


Caring for a loved one at home can be rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming. Everyone needs a break. Respite care can provide family members with a temporary rest from caregiving, with peace of mind that their loved one will continue to receive care at home or in a safe environment.

Respite Care provides:

  • A well-deserved break for the caregiver
  • Qualified care for your loved one

Meals at Home

Sunset Communities is proud to offer Meals at Home, a hot meal ministry providing nourishing and nutritional meals to the homebound. We understand that to achieve a high quality of life you need proper diet and nourishment, and we are happy to deliver.  Meals are prepared in the Sunset kitchen and delivered by volunteers throughout the West Michigan Community.


It’s no secret that everyone’s story must eventually come to an end. When that time arrives Sunset Communities, along with our partner Emmanuel Hospice, is proud to offer hospice or end of life care. We provide you and your family with a comfortable environment that focuses on your quality of life, faith, and celebrates God’s love.


Whether your or a loved one has experienced an injury, illness or a planned surgery, Sunset Communities offers a collection of rehab services that will strengthen the body, mind, and soul. We center each of our rehab options around Healing. Strengthening. Understanding — giving every client a recovery plan focused on your needs. 

We offer a variety of rehab therapies including:

  • Physical
  • Occupational
  • Recreational

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of our areas of expertise at Sunset. Our physical therapists are committed to understanding your needs, using physical therapy methods that will strengthen your body, mind, and soul. We work with your physician, walking side-by-side with you on your journey to better health.

Physical Therapy Methods Include (not limited to):

  • Specialized Exercises
  • Massage
  • Heat Treatment

Learn More About our Continuum of Care

Sunset Retirement Communities & Services offers a continuum of care, comprised of communities, services & partnerships. CLICK HERE to view & print a handy guide.