“Coming Home to Glens South” by Howard and Betty

Dec 19, 2022 | Life At Sunset, Senior Living

We always knew we’d move into a senior living community someday. We planned to make the transition when we turned 80 so we could save our children the worry of making the decision for us.

When we moved into Glens South at Waterford Place, we were the first residents to arrive. We’ve spent the last month getting settled into our new home (a 1 bedroom 1.5 bathroom with a den), getting to know our surrounding community, and enjoying all Waterford Place has to offer.

Making the Move

When we first toured Waterford Place, we knew it was home. We were living in a condo in Glen Eagle at the time, and the location, pricing, and amenities of Waterford Place just made sense. But just as important, we wanted something new with an active group of seniors—somewhere we could all age in place together.

We were pleasantly surprised with how smoothly our move into Waterford Place went—we didn’t have to do anything! When it came time to leave, we used Seniors Moving Smarter, and their packing and moving services were unmatched. We left them to do the job, and when we walked into our new home, everything was put away and ready for us. It was especially exciting because we were the first residents to move into Waterford Place Glens South. Betty knows the order didn’t really matter, but she is still a little proud that we were the first ones to move in.

Amenities, Activities, and Overall Appeal

Howard’s favorite amenity at Waterford Place is the Fitness Center—he can be found there five days a week, and he enjoys using all of the machines. Betty likes to invite friends to the Bistro for lunch to show off their new home, as everyone is so impressed with the community! And the food at the Bistro is excellent: Betty’s favorite menu item is the chicken salad on a croissant, and Howard enjoys their flatbread pizzas. We’ve also enjoyed the concerts we’ve seen in the chapel since moving in, and we’re looking forward to our upcoming pool orientation so we can attend pool classes, open swim, and enjoy the hot tub.

While not specifically amenities, we both love our new community’s friendly and safe atmosphere. Everyone here is so welcoming, and the staff and residents make you feel like a friend. You’ll always hear a friendly “Hello!” when passing someone in the hall. Waterford Place also feels incredibly secure. Betty is confident when ordering something from Amazon because she knows the receptionist will take good care of it until she can pick it up.

Looking Forward

Now that winter is coming, we’re looking forward to chapel services without needing to venture out into the snow. Betty is also looking forward to attending the Tuesday morning ladies’ coffee group. We love knowing everything is right here, close to home. And it does feel like home, already, even though we only moved in at the beginning of November. We recently drove by our old condo and realized we didn’t even miss it. We were worried that we would—we had a beautiful view of the golf course and wonderful neighbors—but Waterford Place just feels right.

When we think of the future, the first thing that comes to mind is how our children don’t have to worry about us anymore. When the time comes for additional care, we can make the decision together with Waterford Place, and everything we need will be right here, under one roof. That’s a big plus!

Our Advice on Moving Into Senior Living

Howard’s biggest piece of advice for someone who is planning a move into a senior living community is to work on downsizing. We also find it’s best to get involved within the community at your own pace. Between moving and trying to get involved in all these new activities, it can get overwhelming, so it’s important to give yourself grace in those first few weeks. We do what we want to, both within the community and outside of Waterford Place. Often, the narrative about senior living gives a false impression—people think senior living means a nursing home, and that just isn’t true. We want to get that perception out of people’s minds and help them realize how good life can be at the right senior living community.