Financial Options at The Manor & Villages

The Manor & Villages homes are private pay. Specific prices will be discussed during your visit with one of our Admissions Counselors.

The Manor

Offers a monthly rental for all levels of care provided: independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

Village I

Independent living in Village I offers both life lease or monthly rental options. For more details about the life-lease model, read the explanation listed under ‘Village II’ below.

Village II

The financial model used is called a Life Lease which secure, yet flexible, day-to-day lease with no long-term commitment or home ownership responsibilities.

A Life Lease is comprised of an entrance fee and a bundled monthly rate. The entrance fee is due at the start of the lease and typically comes from the sale of a home. The entrance fee is partially refundable when you move out of your home at any time, for any reason, or is refundable to your estate upon death. There are three different entry fee options with varying refunds so you can choose the option that best suits your finances.

The second part of the Life Lease is the bundled monthly rate. This is a single, bundled rate that covers those expenses one would normally encounter in a private home. It includes but is not limited to, utilities, home maintenance, H.D. cable service, and local phone service. The single monthly rate means only one bill to deal with each month.

  • Consistent monthly expenses.
  • Freedom from home ownership responsibilities.
  • Priority access to all the levels of healthcare provided by Sunset Retirement Communities & Services.

You are able to move from your home without worrying about the re-sale and restoration of your home and will have the refundable portion of your entrance fee within 30 days, guaranteed!

Life Leases are unique to senior living communities and are legally binding contracts which are regulated by the State of Michigan.