Multiple Independent Living Options Offer a Place for Everyone

Apr 6, 2022 | Finance & Planning, Senior Living

Cost will always be one of the most significant factors when considering options for post-retirement life. For many people, the freedom of retirement also brings a need to reassess finances as they adjust to living on a fixed income. While weighing the benefits of moving to a senior living community or staying in your current home, you might wonder if you can even afford to move or assume the costs might be too high. That’s not always the case. Here at Sunset, we offer multiple options for Independent Living to accommodate a variety of budgets, and all of our communities are open for tours.

Manor & Villages

This welcoming and vibrant community includes multiple floor plans to fit your individual needs. Options for an additional storage unit and reserved parking are available, making our cozy efficiency homes a practical choice even if you have a few extra belongings. Convenient onsite amenities and regularly scheduled activities are enjoyed by residents regardless of the floor plan they select, so you know you will have a great experience no matter how much square footage you need.

Village I offers homes available as Life Lease or Rental options, including one and two bedroom units or even 506 ft2 efficiencies, perfect for those who prefer a more modest living environment.

If you are looking for something with a bit more space, we suggest taking a look at Village II. In addition to our one and two bedroom options, you can select a one bedroom & den, two bedroom & den, or even an expanded two bedroom. Ranging from 631 ft2 to 1,012 ft2 these units offer a great deal of variety, providing a relaxing home in which you can easily visit with friends and family in comfort.

To obtain a better mental picture of what your future home could look like, go ahead and browse the range of floor plans available for this community, complete with descriptions of features for each type of unit. By preparing ahead of time you can have more flexibility in your choices, rather than settling for something that might not be what you imagined.

Waterford Place

Our Waterford Place community includes The Glens & The Cove, with a variety of services and activities that appeal to active retirees, all surrounded by beautiful grounds. With spacious living arrangements, multiple dining venues, planned activities, and onsite amenities, Waterford Place creates an environment uniquely designed to help residents savor their retirement years. Residents can exercise at our aquatic center, pursue their hobbies of choice, and partake in exciting dining experiences with friends, new and old. With the help of our Life Enrichment Team residents can enjoy as full of a social calendar as they would like, while also being able to enjoy peaceful walks along the tranquil lake.

Waterford Place has several floorplans to choose from to suit various financial and living space needs, with some homes even offering picturesque lake views. The A Wing of The Glens North offers combinations of one bedroom and two bedroom units, with or without the inclusion of a den. If you prefer a one bedroom unit with more options you may want to inquire further about the B Wing, as combinations can include a den as well as a patio, in addition to the standard one and two bedroom units. You can access floorplans and unit descriptions here for a better idea of the available options.

The Glens South offers even more variety as the one bedroom units (with or without the den) now have 1.5 bathrooms. If you are interested in seeing more you can view floorplans or watch home tours here. New independent living homes are also available in The Glens South as they are currently under construction and on schedule to finish by the end of 2022, so be sure to watch for updates on our progress.

The Cove offers a unique pocket neighborhood with spacious, lakeside villas. These 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom homes feature nearly 1,400 ft2, complete with an attached two-stall garage and front porch. Residents are given the opportunity to personalize villas to their liking, with customizable options for flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and more. If you are looking for a welcoming, cozy community, you will want to take a closer look at the photos, video, and floor plan available here.

Long-Term Affordability

Deciding on your desired unit size is an important aspect of planning for Independent Living, but so is understanding the specifics of your current and future finances. You may find the savings in a senior living community to be more than you realize, as we combine quality activities and amenities with the ease of maintenance-free living. We offer multiple combinations of entrance fees and monthly fees, and what works best for your situation will vary depending on your own individual factors.


We recommend downloading our Senior Living Guide to help you get started. In addition to a discussion of payment options, you will find useful information about the unique benefits of a Life Plan Community, helping you be prepared if your future needs change.

With so many options to choose from it can be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed, and we want you to know that you are not alone! We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have, whether you are interested in learning more about the many floor plans we offer, upcoming availability, or specific pricing inquiries. Our team is happy to help as you make plans regarding your future home.