Rebuilding confidence and strengthening body, mind, and soul.


Short-Term Rehab

With 30 years of experience in rehabilitation, we have found that a team approach gives residents the care they need to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. Each rehab resident will participate in individualized therapy sessions that relate to their specific goals with the therapist assessing their abilities and educating them along the way. If you’re finding yourself needing rehabilitation after a hospital stay or preplanning for a surgery, please contact our Admissions Director to secure your placement. Come see for yourself why Brookcrest rehab is so highly recommended in our community!

Long-Term Care

After a serious injury or illness, some patients need long-term care. During this recovery process, patients may require help physically and emotionally for an extensive period of time. Sunset’s skilled nurses and staff provide a comfortable and efficient community environment while focusing on each individual’s specific needs for recovery. Long-term care residents receive help with day-to-day tasks, medication management, nursing care, deliciously prepared meals, and therapy (varies by patient).

In-Home Rehab

Through a partnership with Mary Free Bed, we offer in-home rehab that brings excellent care directly to our patients. Certified home care is ideal for those who are in need of short-term rehab or therapy. Certified nursing professionals provide the care and therapy needed to successfully reach health goals either onsite at one of our communities or in the comfort of a patient’s own home.

Physical Therapy

When recovery calls for physical therapy, we work with a patient’s physician to rebuild strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence. Our staff focuses on the patient’s needs and goals as they encourage exercises and activities to strengthen body, mind, and soul.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses specifically on helping patients regain the ability to do everyday tasks. Along with exercises, Occupational Therapists may introduce tools, utensils, and other props to help patients with daily activities. Occupational Therapy can also be used proactively as a preventative exercise to build strength and endurance.

Recreation Therapy

Socialization is an important part of regaining and maintaining good health. Our Recreation Therapy Team plans special events, activities, and outings for residents to enjoy. Specific activities vary as we plan them around our residents’ unique needs and interests. Some examples of activities include community outings, arts and crafts, cooking clubs, group exercise, musical therapy, and pet therapy.

Brookcrest Community

Brookcrest offers professional rehabilitation services designed to help residents regain balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility. Both short-term rehab and long-term care are available.


We’d love for you to experience life at Sunset. Each of our four communities is uniquely equipped to provide high quality living options and compassionate senior care. Contact us for a tour and explore what it means to be a part of a Sunset Senior Community.