Skilled Nursing

Personalized and compassionate care.


Around-The-Clock Care

Skilled nursing, also known as long-term care, provides residents with 24-hour care. Our licensed nurses and certified nurse aids provide help with bathing, dressing, personal care, mobility, and medication administration. Each resident has the opportunity to participate in engaging activities planned by our Recreational Therapy Team.

Long-Term Care

After a serious injury or illness, some patients need long-term care. These patients may require help physically and emotionally for an extended period of time. Brookcrest’s skilled nurses and staff provide a comfortable and efficient community environment, while focusing on each individual’s specific needs. Long-term care residents receive help with day-to-day tasks, medication administration, nursing care, deliciously prepared meals, and therapy (varies by patient). 

Brookcrest Community

Skilled Nursing at Brookcrest

Brookcrest provides late-stage memory care, long-term care, and rehabilitation in a friendly community. Our patient-centered care encourages family members to be involved in their loved one’s care plan.

Brookcrest Availability

If you are interested in Brookcrest’s Skilled Nursing services, please complete a Long-Term Care Application. This electronic PDF can be downloaded, completed, and emailed or mailed to our admissions team. Please contact us with any questions.  


 Brookcrest Admissions

 616.534.5487 or

Sunset Communities Respite Care
Sunset Communities Hospice


Sunset provides hospice care through local partners. Our collaboration with Emmanuel Hospice and other faith-based senior living communities ensures the final miles of life’s journey are experienced in celebration of God’s promise.


We’d love for you to experience life at Sunset. Each of our four communities is uniquely equipped to provide high quality living options and compassionate senior care. Contact us for a tour and explore what it means to be a part of a Sunset Senior Community.