Bringing joy into each other’s lives

Jan 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

One night, Melinda Haight, Director of Clinical Services, offered to care for a resident named Ruby who had moderate Alzheimer’s. Ruby had become nonverbal and was known to be a bit more challenging to care for. However, over time, Melinda and Ruby began to form a strong bond.

“The connection I had with her started to grow, and she became less and less resistant to the care,” said Melinda. I was actually finding smiles and laughter within our evening sessions together.”

Melinda realized that over the course of a few years, not only did she bring joy to Ruby’s life, but Ruby brought joy to her life in return.

“I thought I was kind of breaking her walls down, learning her needs, and bringing joy into her life when she was really molding me along the way as well and bringing joy into my life,” said Melinda.