Waterford Place Memory Care: A Godsend

Jun 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

Waterford Place Memory Care is a Godsend for my mom, Rayanna, and our family. There is something
special going on here, you can feel it.

After 49 years of marriage dad passed away and mom moved to Waterford Place. She explained her
decision to her children that, “If something happens to me, you won’t have to worry about it – Waterford
Place will be able to take care of me!” Although she didn’t realize it at the time, her words were prophetic.

Three years ago, mom started showing signs of dementia. She was misinterpreting the time showing on
her clock and wristwatch. Every morning when she woke up, she would call down to the front desk to let
everyone know she was alright, and instead of her calling at 6 or 7am, she would call at 2 or 3am!

As we continued to talk with the Waterford Place professional team, we had three priorities – mom’s safety,
comfort, and happiness. In September of 2018, we made the move to the new Memory Care wing and it
has been fantastic.

Three Dedicated Neighborhoods

With the help of the Capital Campaign, Waterford Place has remodeled 40 memory care residences into
three neighborhoods, built two beautiful courtyards, and put together a revolutionary care treatment
program, shown to improve cognition, optimism, and independence.

Mom lives in one of three neighborhoods called “Hope Harbor.” We worked with the maintenance team
to arrange her home so that it was almost a duplicate of the residence she was coming from. The staff at
Waterford Place Memory Care understands what mom is going through and they value and love her as God
does, and I think that’s pretty unique.

Now, when we visit her, we generally find her happy and smiling, which didn’t happen as often as when she
was in Assisted Living. Rayanna gets quite a bit of attention in “Hope Harbor” including conversation, doing
simple puzzles, sing-a-longs, and other activities. We can’t say enough about the staff’s care and attention for all the residents.

Caring Professionals

One of the things my mom always liked to do when we lived in Detroit was get in the car and drive. Wherever she ended up was where she ended up. She had no real destination in mind.

Having caring professionals that go out of their way to go on outings with my mom has been very good for her because it harkens back to where she would just get out and explore. Whether
she has been to these places or not, it’s great because she really is enjoying herself.

Breakthrough Results
Waterford Place has created a one of a kind solution to the growing need for dementia care. I have seen firsthand the breakthrough results they are achieving.

Waterford is committed to people and their cognitive abilities. In addition to the many activities planned by their recreational therapists, including music and outings, they are stimulating the brain. Mom engages in SAIDO Learning™ sessions every day to stimulate brain activity. At a recent session Mom exclaimed, “Look at me go!”

What we received went far beyond our expectations. We saw mom’s personality return as we saw her quality of life improve. This has given me and the family great joy and peace.

While it has been a long journey for our family to bring mom to Waterford, I can say that we are now finally able to breathe and rest at night. I know that she is safe and well cared for with the most loving and devoted staff. I thank God there is such an amazing place for people with dementia to be cared for – giving witness to God’s love and care even in the storm of life known as dementia.

-Joe Martin

If you would like to donate to Waterford Place Memory Care and provide hope to residents like Rayanna, please click here.