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Mar 21,2019 | Emily Foster

The Reasons We Love Brookcrest

At Brookcrest, we genuinely love what we do. My coworkers and I really know what it means to do great work. We pride ourselves in the care we provide to our residents, and we want the very best for them. Here are a few reasons why I, and others who work at Brookcrest, love it…

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Mar 14,2019 | Betty Epperly

A Love Worth Wishing For

For one couple sitting in the audience of the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre’s production of “Mamma Mia!,” it was more than just a date night, it was a celebration of a love worth wishing for. Thanks to the support of the Sunset Legacy Foundation’s “Silver Bucket List,” Bernie Doublestein, a current patient at Emmanuel Hospice,…

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Mar 11,2019 | Nicholas Wahl

National Recreation Therapy Month

February is often known as a month of celebrations and holidays. Everything from Presidents’ birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and even National Chili Day! However, February is also an important month to celebrate a profession within the medical field. February is also National Recreation Therapy Month. You might wonder to yourself, “What exactly is Recreation Therapy?” Recreation…

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Feb 18,2019 | Sheila Carney

Praying for each other

When Vice President and COO Chris Matzke’s husband was diagnosed with a devastating disease, volunteers, residents, staff, and families came together to pray for them. “They had in their lobby, for the whole fourteen hours he was in surgery, a prayer center set up. And so, each time somebody came up, they would say a…

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Jan 31,2019 | Betty Epperly

A Love Story

“Pete was such a great dad and grandfather,” says Marge Salamone, his wife. “He adored his family. He was the kind of person that would drop everything to help a friend, and he always made the conversation about the other person.” Pete and Marge were married on August 28, 1965, and three children soon followed:…

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Jan 22,2019 | Emily Foster

Sunset Residents Go Back to School

Residents from Sunset’s Brookcrest Rehab and Life Center recently participated in a Grand Valley State University honors class called Saging (pronounced say-jing; as in sage, wise through reflection and experience) and Aging. The course, taught by Professor Jane Toot, is geared towards bringing different generational viewpoints together to find solutions to the unique set of…

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Jan 15,2019 | Sheila Carney

Not just a place of work

Every day at Sunset Retirement Communities, there are seemingly ordinary moments between staff and residents that end up transforming into truly extraordinary relationships. Director of Brookcrest Emily Foster would walk almost every day with a resident who loved to be outdoors. Some days they would talk or tell stories, yet other times they would walk…

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Jan 08,2019 | Sheila Carney

Helping residents achieve their goals

In just three months, Director of Therapy Gina Chesla and her team at Brookcrest were able to help a resident, who was expected to be long-term care, walk out on his own and return home. When the resident, who was nicknamed Lazarus, got to Brookcrest, he was not able to eat, talk, sit up, or…

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Nov 21,2018 | Abe Cohen

Bringing Generations Together Through Music

“My heart, O God, is steadfast, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make music” Psalm 57:7 There are not many things in life that are as universal as music. Music is something that speaks to each of our souls and that every person, regardless of age, can enjoy. The Joyful Sounds Music Studio…

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