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Jul 06,2018 | Sheila Carney

Sunset Manor and Villages Employee Profile: Debbie Munyon

Debbie Munyon brings her heart and soul to her job as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) every day. Debbie has been an LPN for almost 40 years—the past four years she’s been a friendly face at Sunset Manor and Villages, and the previous 13 years she worked at Rose Garden. Between passing meds, providing treatments,…

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Jun 22,2018 | Betty Epperly

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord

Maury Lehmann had an early start in the Christian music industry. Born on March 23, 1924 in Chicago, his father and brother were choir directors and his sister was an accomplished pianist. During the Great Depression, his father had a steady job with Lorenz Publishing Company, which specialized in music materials. Maury helped his father…

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May 17,2018 | Betty Epperly

A Full Heart

“God has been so good,” Lee Bakker reflected on his life of blessing and trial.  Lee married Lois, his high school sweetheart, while on 30-day furlough from the hospital during WWII.  He and Lois lived in Wellsburg, Iowa where they raised four boys.  We were and are so proud of our boys. Lee found himself…

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May 06,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

The Secret is Love

Agnes (Roelofs) Fish, Sunset’s cook for almost 29 years, finds her job deeply meaningful. “Sharing food is fellowship,” she says. “It’s a gathering of the people.” As a child, Agnes lived with her parents and four siblings on a dairy farm in Lowell, Michigan. She says, “We worked long hours, but there was a goodness…

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