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Feb 25,2019 | Sheila Carney

Bringing a lot of love

Karen Christians, the Clinical Coordinator at Rose Garden, remembers a sweet couple that she cared for that brought lots of love to the staff and residents. “He was such a loving, loving husband and he was there to take care of his wife,” says Karen. No matter how hard it was, the husband insisted on…

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Jan 16,2019 | Sheila Carney

Filling the Heart with Special Moments

When Kally Verkaik was a child, she would help out at the retirement community that her aunt worked at whenever she visited. Kally would pass out the mail, help in the kitchen, or spend time talking with the residents. So, it is only natural that later in life, Kally would find her way to Sunset…

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Nov 27,2018 | Betty Epperly

Simply Nurturing

Dorothy (Slachter) Winkel showed a nurturing side even as a young girl. She lovingly cared for her dolls and even the chickens, which congregated on the back porch to wait for her and pecked at the door when they grew impatient. Dorothy was born in 1933 in Lucas, Michigan. Her father helped build roads and…

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Jul 25,2018 | Betty Epperly

Open to God’s Leading

Mary Meyers was a true entrepreneur. The Meyers family lived on the eastern banks of West Alton, Missouri, along the Mississippi River. Alton, Illinois was across the river with a connecting bridge between. The Meyers operated a service station and restaurant for interstate travelers, and in the 1940s Mary set up a fireworks shop in…

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