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Jun 26,2019 | Sheila Carney

Discussing Dementia

WGVU’s Family Health Matters featured a panel of local experts discussing Dementia, including Waterford Place Memory Care’s executive director and SAIDO Lead Supporter, Ben Leavell LNHA. Ben sat alongside Joy Spahn, regional director of the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Michigan Chapter, Dean Solden, founder and co-owner of New Friends Memory Care, and Chris Simmons, Clark Retirement’s director…

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Jun 25,2019 | Joe Martin

Waterford Place Memory Care: A Godsend

Waterford Place Memory Care is a Godsend for my mom, Rayanna, and our family. There is something special going on here, you can feel it. After 49 years of marriage dad passed away and mom moved to Waterford Place. She explained her decision to her children that, “If something happens to me, you won’t have…

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Apr 02,2019 | Joe Martin

Rayanna’s Journey: What helped us

In retrospect, the following things helped us through this journey: Having the legal documents completed while Rayanna was still herself. This included her Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney and Patient Advocate document. Getting another person as a signatory on her bank accounts was also very important as it allowed someone else to…

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Mar 30,2019 | Joe Martin

Rayanna’s Journey: Making the decision to go to Assisted Living

Over the next year, we continued our regular discussions with staff at Waterford Place trying to determine if and when was the right time to make a move to assisted living. We had three concerns about Rayanna: that she was safe, comfortable, and happy. Safety was the primary concern. There had been phone calls during…

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Mar 29,2019 | Joe Martin

Rayanna’s Journey: Onset of Dementia

Rayanna lived comfortably in the Independent Living wing for about seven years. We, as her closest family members, started to see indications of dementia beginning in early 2016. It started very subtly; not following the right directions on the car drive, misplacing common everyday items, mixing up dates and times of appointments. We started to…

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Mar 28,2019 | Joe Martin

Rayanna’s Journey: Coming to Waterford Place

After Rayanna’s husband’s passing in 1998, she considered the options of moving near family members in Livonia, MI or Grand Rapids, MI. She had been married to her husband, Harry, for almost 49 years and had spent the last 22 years in Traverse City. Harry had been in the care of Hospice for over two…

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Jan 24,2019 | Sheila Carney

Doing small things with great love for our residents

Shelly DeBoer never imagined that she would become the Life Enrichment Coordinator at Waterford Place. When she first came to work for Sunset 20 years ago, Shelly taught pool classes a couple days a week while she was raising her three sons. She loved how family-oriented Sunset was, which allowed her to work ten hours…

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Dec 19,2018 | Sheila Carney

Ensuring the Best Outcomes for Our Residents

Ben Leavell, Executive Director at Waterford Place, fondly remembers one particular 103-year-old Brookcrest resident, who had a passion for the water. One day, she decided that she wanted to go swimming. So naturally, the recreational therapy department worked to make that happen. “She was just beyond excited that she was able to go swimming and…

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Nov 30,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Flipping the Script on What it Means to Live with Dementia

By 2025, it is expected that 6,000 adults in Kent County will need specialized facilities to help them combat the effects of Alzheimer’s. Vice President of Development Dr. Dan Gowdy and Director of Recreational Therapy at Waterford Place Angie Russo appeared on WZZM13 to discuss how Waterford Place Memory Care is transforming what it means…

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Nov 06,2018 | Melinda Haight

Amazing Transformations Happening at Waterford Place Memory Care

Dementia can rob families of so much. It robs people of who they are and how they interact and often times they don’t ever get that back. Waterford Place Memory Care is offering a new cognitive learning program that gives hope to those living with dementia.  See the story of how this new therapy program…

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