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Dec 19,2018 | Sheila Carney

Ensuring the Best Outcomes for Our Residents

Ben Leavell, Executive Director at Waterford Place, fondly remembers one particular 103-year-old Brookcrest resident, who had a passion for the water. One day, she decided that she wanted to go swimming. So naturally, the recreational therapy department worked to make that happen. “She was just beyond excited that she was able to go swimming and…

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Nov 30,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Flipping the Script on What it Means to Live with Dementia

By 2025, it is expected that 6,000 adults in Kent County will need specialized facilities to help them combat the effects of Alzheimer’s. Vice President of Development Dr. Dan Gowdy and Director of Recreational Therapy at Waterford Place Angie Russo appeared on WZZM13 to discuss how Waterford Place Memory Care is transforming what it means…

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Nov 06,2018 | Melinda Haight

Amazing Transformations Happening at Waterford Place Memory Care

Dementia can rob families of so much. It robs people of who they are and how they interact and often times they don’t ever get that back. Waterford Place Memory Care is offering a new cognitive learning program that gives hope to those living with dementia.  See the story of how this new therapy program…

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Aug 13,2018 | Sheila Carney

Activities for People with Dementia

A dementia diagnosis can slowly, and sometimes quickly, alter your loved one’s ability to do things they once loved. You may even find it hard to interact with them because you feel like you don’t know them anymore. But your time together can still be valuable and enriching. Here are a few activities you can…

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