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May 23,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Five Steps to Naturally Prevent Diabetes

Aging impacts everyone’s health differently. But Type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic levels in the US and impacts all ages. Type 2 diabetes is often caused by poor food choices and can best be treated through a change in diet and lifestyle. If you think your habits may result in a diabetes diagnosis, we’re here…

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May 17,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

A Full Heart

“God has been so good,” Lee Bakker reflected on his life of blessing and trial.  Lee married Lois, his high school sweetheart, while on 30-day furlough from the hospital during WWII.  He and Lois lived in Wellsburg, Iowa where they raised four boys.  We were and are so proud of our boys. Lee found himself…

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May 14,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Summer Travel Plans for Caregivers

Caring for aging loved ones is a big job, and probably one you were not trained for! Caregivers, especially dementia caregivers, can experience a large amount of stress. Most caregivers pour all of their energy into taking care of their loved ones, neglecting their own needs. This can result in physical and psychological reproductions. Taking…

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May 09,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Laugh Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure

What brings you joy? Maybe it’s hearing birds chirp on a walk or a coffee break with friends. You have so much to be joyful for! But sometimes the stresses and changes that come with aging can impact your or your loved one’s happiness. Studies show that laughter has positive impacts on both your mood…

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May 06,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

The Secret is Love

Agnes (Roelofs) Fish, Sunset’s cook for almost 29 years, finds her job deeply meaningful. “Sharing food is fellowship,” she says. “It’s a gathering of the people.” As a child, Agnes lived with her parents and four siblings on a dairy farm in Lowell, Michigan. She says, “We worked long hours, but there was a goodness…

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May 02,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Medication Tips for the Caregiver

In the midst of all the many caregiving tasks, medication management can easily slip through the cracks. Continue providing the best care for your loved one by utilizing these tips to ensure they stay healthy and remain comfortable. Medications can be confusing for aging seniors, so assisting in making sure your loved one is up-to-date…

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Apr 30,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Memory Tricks Help with Elderly Alzheimer’s

Dementia diagnosis encompasses more hope than it held in the past. That is why our team at Waterford Place Memory Care is finding ways to help you and your loved ones dramatically impact their quality of life through programs like SAIDO Learning. The SAIDO Learning method is an innovative, non-pharmacological treatment that has been clinically…

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Apr 23,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Living at Home with Dementia: Wandering

Dementia does not progress in a pattern and changes can happen quickly without any indication. The following precautions may not prevent a wandering instance, but they will help protect your loved one if they happen to roam. Take the necessary precautions before wandering happens and you will keep your loved ones safe, while continuing to…

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Feb 01,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Recognizing Mobility Issues and Falls

As we age, issues arise that we may have never given a second thought. Like getting up to get a glass of water or going for a walk around the block. Immobility is one of the most common problems amongst the elderly and can lead to even more progressive issues if left ignored. Consequences can…

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