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Jul 16,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

The Best Decision

“Although it was the best decision I could make, letting my husband, Pete, be cared for at Brookcrest was not easy.” – Marge Salamone With your help, people needing dementia care at Sunset will continue to call Sunset their home. Pete was well-liked. He loved his family and never missed anything his kids did. Charming,…

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Jul 15,2018 | Betty Epperly

Opening Doors

“As a teacher,” says Jim Haagsma, “I had a sense of opening doors for young people. I enjoyed helping them see the good in themselves and the world.” Jim was born on December 14, 1933 in Sanborn, Iowa, the oldest of seven children. One of his first memories is sitting in the barn, watching his…

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Jul 11,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Senior Safety in the Bedroom

Your safety, or the safety of your loved one, is so important! Sometimes the way people have always lived can become a safety hazard as they age. Things like rugs, candles, and electrical cords that used to not get a second thought are now things that need to be addressed and eliminated for safety reasons.…

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Jul 06,2018 | Kelli Gilmore

Sunset Manor and Villages Employee Profile: Debbie Munyon

Debbie Munyon brings her heart and soul to her job as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) every day. Debbie has been an LPN for almost 40 years—the past four years she’s been a friendly face at Sunset Manor and Villages, and the previous 13 years she worked at Rose Garden. Between passing meds, providing treatments,…

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Jul 03,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

Living at Home with Dementia: Personal Hygiene

Sometimes what we think is a simple task, isn’t that simple at all. Asking someone with dementia to brush their teeth may feel like a marathon of steps they may no longer understand. Use the following tips to help your loved one suffering from the effects of dementia still maintain a high standard of personal…

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Jun 27,2018 | Dr. Dan Gowdy

A Glimpse of Heaven

It was my honor to interview 14 residents recently, all of which are 100 years old or older. Their powerful insights represent over 1,400 years of wisdom. These centenarians endured the Great Depression, fought in World War II, and saw more change than any generation in the history of human kind. I took advantage of…

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Jun 22,2018 | Betty Epperly

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord

Maury Lehmann had an early start in the Christian music industry. Born on March 23, 1924 in Chicago, his father and brother were choir directors and his sister was an accomplished pianist. During the Great Depression, his father had a steady job with Lorenz Publishing Company, which specialized in music materials. Maury helped his father…

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Jun 14,2018 | Joel Elsenbroek

Talking with Senior Parents

If you’re a caregiver for aging parents, you know that each day, month, and year can bring new challenges. Some are easier to adjust to than others, but changes that involve personality alterations or the ability to communicate can sometimes feel the most challenging. Continue providing the best loving care for your senior parents by…

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Jun 12,2018 | Betty Epperly

Firmly Rooted, Planting Seeds

When the French army occupied the Netherlands in the early nineteenth century, Napoleon Bonaparte decreed that, for purposes of establishing a registry of births and deaths, all Dutch citizens choose a surname. Many Dutch people chose last names that identified their occupation, attributes, or surroundings: Visser (fisher); De Jonge (the younger); and Van den Berg…

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Jun 08,2018 | Joel Elsenbroek

Depression or Dementia?

Determining the cause of our aging loved ones out-of-character actions can be hard. It can be especially hard to tell the difference between depression and dementia symptoms. Continue reading for the important signs to help you narrow down the cause of your loved one’s character change. Whether your loved one is experiencing the effects of…

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