Inspiration from our Amazing Neighbor- Dr. TenHaaf

2019 Sunset Centenarians Share their Wisdom

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Waterford Place Memory Care – Kate

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Abe Cohen, Director of Recreational Therapy

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Sunset Centenarians share wisdom from the past 100 years.

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Chris Matzke, Vice-President of Operations

Steve Boss, Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Dan Gowdy, Vice President of Development

Melissa Ohm, Vice President of Human Resources

Emily Foster, Executive Director at Brookcrest

Melinda Haight, Director of Clinical Services

Karen Christians, Clinical Coordinator at Rose Garden

Ben Leavell, Executive Director at Waterford Place

Gina Chesla, Director of Therapy at Brookcrest

Steve Zuiderveen, President and CEO

Sue Hamm, Executive Director at Manor & Villages